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Making the Most of Media Opportunities - Exhibition Edition

Senior Account Executive Matthew provides a guide on how you can make the most of your moment in the spotlight at the return of Offshore Europe.

From meetings with clients and the condition of our inboxes, the excitement and anticipation is palpable as the energy industry welcomes back Offshore Europe after a four-year hiatus.

As thousands of delegates, experts and leaders from across the globe converge on the North-east of Scotland, the opportunity to share your company’s key messaging and success stories isn't to be missed – especially after such a long wait. Supporting clients with fine-tuning their messaging and getting them in front of their target audience, the Think team has been busy preparing for one of the industry's most influential events, creating campaigns and developing strategies to boost audience interest.

With just over a week to go, time is running out to secure those vital opportunities and build on your brand story. Once Offshore Europe is underway and the spotlight is on your brand, it's crucial to remember the foundations of your messaging.

Whether you're getting ready to be in front of a camera, behind a microphone, standing at the podium for a keynote panel or presentation, or providing answers in advance to an article, one requirement is consistent: you need to know what you’re saying, who you are saying it to, and how you can tailor your message to the here and now.

As a ‘platform for collaboration, progress and results’, Offshore Europe provides the chance for all walks of the energy community to come together in aid of the same mission: accelerating the energy transition by utilising the expertise, insight, and experience of everyone attending across the four days to identify innovative solutions that can lead change.

By reflecting on your own role and the wider position of your company within the context of the energy transition, you can identify the key messages to target and how you can carve out your own space within the ongoing conversation. Your time in the spotlight is limited. With no time to waste, understanding your messaging and knowing your key points will allow you to hit every note you need effectively and convincingly.

This doesn't just apply to you though. If you are in a position of leadership, you need to know that those around you are on the same page. There is no room for anyone to go rogue. Everyone within the company who is going to champion the brand throughout the week is a brand ambassador who needs to be an extension of the company, all operating on the same wavelength. By working together to promote your key messaging, raising the company profile, and sharing examples of your recent work, you can pinpoint exactly what it is you're doing to prove your part of changing industry standards and expectations.

Like second nature, your messaging should roll off your tongue with no doubt about who you represent, what you do, and how you do it. Although a conversational format, this is a chance for you to present your points and drive them home. Practice makes perfect. By creating a plan and understanding your message, you’re ready to be the best brand ambassador you can be.


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