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2024 Marketing Messaging 

Regardless of sector or industry, knowing the market around you is non-negotiable.  


The more you understand, the better you can balance the often-intense relationship between a necessary human-focused approach and the tide of advancing technologies dominating conversations.  


Here's what to consider this year. 

A Human Touch 

Asking for a ‘stable’ marketplace in any year can feel like asking for a lot. But even by that admittedly low bar, 2024 will show very little mercy. Changing industry priorities, environmental commitments, rising market prices, social unrest, and upcoming elections for the UK and US markets could thrust businesses into a frenzy of uncertain economic, social, and political factors.    


So, how do you navigate what could be a minefield of potential PR and comms crises? Appropriate planning and maintaining a human touch will go a long way. Managing crisis is nothing new, but in such an uncertain era where every business, big or small, is under the microscope, it’s no longer enough to be just reactive. Instead, appropriate planning, with an authentic human and empathetic approach, will allow you to mitigate various scenarios to minimise negative consequences and navigate the nuances and difficult conversations bound to happen. 

Championing DEI    


The need for businesses to have a human touch in all external comms stems from increasing pressure to demonstrate the best aspects of your brand and its values through meaningful social action. And what better way to do that than by truly championing diversity, equity, and inclusion (DEI)?   


Switching gears from strictly promoting products and services, by accepting responsibility for your DEI output, you can cement your brand values and mission statement. As conversations intensify, the need for an effective and proven DEI strategy is increasing.  


With more people seeking transparency around DEI, 2024 is the year to celebrate the strategy you have in place and show what your company is doing to encourage and support a diverse workforce. For audiences, by championing DEI in a meanable and traceable fashion, you're proving that your brand values aren't just a nice blurb on your website. 

In-house Influencers  


When looking at the best sources to highlight your brand values or share messaging, you might not need to look too far... Who better to champion your business than the voices and personalities inside it: your employees. 


Personal brands are crucial to growing awareness. After all, people buy from people. Like the need for a human touch in your messaging, internal teams are finding great opportunities to share their voice. Whether through opinion pieces, podcast appearances, or just a simple LinkedIn post, you have a team of brilliant messengers - it's time to utilise them. 


By collaborating with your employees, you can create an effective communication strategy with those who best understand the brand. A fantastic way to highlight the positive workplace culture within your internal structure, the positive image attracts more than just consumers. With businesses across industries experiencing skills shortages, being seen as an attractive place to work can help secure the best talent available to futureproof your business for 2024 and beyond. 


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