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My First Job In PR

Account Executive Erin reflects on her first three months working in her very first role working in PR and marketing in the energy sector.

As this is my first time working in the PR and marketing industry and simultaneously working with clients in the energy industry, I feel like I couldn’t have kickstarted my career with a better company than ThinkPR.

Thinking Back…

When I look back to my first day at ThinkPR compared to now, I am proud of my progression and achievements, in such a short timeframe. Firstly, the experience, knowledge and skills that I have gained in such a short amount of time is more than I ever expected and truly reflects the support and warm welcome I have received from the team, from day one.

Secondly, the growth in my confidence, I have stepped out of my comfort zone and now feel very confident in getting involved in group discussions with the team and clients, voicing my opinion and building on ideas. Lastly, I am really happy with how I have gelled with the team, by having such a friendly, supportive team around me, I’ve been able to settle in very quickly at ThinkPR and into my career. The team have made me realise that a corporate job doesn’t have to be super strict and serious all the time, you can have a laugh and still be hard working, balance is key, your job needs to be enjoyable! The team have truly made my first career in the industry enjoyable and memorable.


Highlight So Far

The highlight of my time at ThinkPR, so far, has been supporting with the event planning for the Autism and Neurodiversity North Scotland (A-ND) ‘Think Different Dinner’, which is happening on the 23rd May. I have always enjoyed planning events, so I jumped at the chance to get involved! I like to think I am a perfectionist, I enjoy planning events, down to the finer details to ensure nothing is missed. Hearing about the success of last year’s dinner has shown me how rewarding the process is and has inspired me to bring a new sense of creativity, to ensure that this year’s dinner is bigger and better than last years.

It has been great to get to know the team at A-ND and learn about the amazing work they do to support autistic and neurodivergent individuals, throughout the North of Scotland. It is truly inspiring and motivating to know that the money raised at the dinner will support life changing services.


New Industry Experiences

As my first role in PR and Marketing and the first time working alongside the energy industry, there has been a lot to learn. I’ve really enjoyed meeting clients for the first time and gaining knowledge around their industry, technologies and operations. I am thoroughly enjoying every new learning experience and being introduced to new ideas. No two days are the same and with the ever-evolving energy industry, there is always something new to grasp an understanding of. It is great to have the opportunity to get involved in conversations surrounding the energy transition and strengthen the service we offer our clients, by keeping up to date with current hot topics and energy industry knowledge.

I studied marketing at University; however the public relations side of things was completely new to me. Embracing a more traditional way of doings things, has really opened my eyes to the importance of learning the fundamentals of communications. From press releases to seeking media opportunities for clients, I have now first handily seen how these methods can create a positive impact for companies, providing them with key exposure to support their growth.

I am thoroughly enjoying working with clients who operate globally and supporting those with regional expansion goals. This provides an exciting opportunity for me to research new markets and be a part of their growth journey. My passion for this stems from my semester I spent studying in Malaysia, which expanded my commercial awareness on an international level. I am always so intrigued to learn more about different international markets and ways to target new audiences.

Thinking Forward...

There are lots of exciting things to look forward to this year. Joining ThinkPR ahead of its 20th anniversary this year has seen me join the team at a prime time, with many exciting plans for the coming year. I am excited to continue to research and expand my energy industry knowledge, so that I can progress and continue to support clients with their PR and marketing goals. Having a skilled and motivated team round me inspires me to develop and grow and with their continued support and guidance, I am confident that I am on the right track to having a successful career at ThinkPR.

Now that I have found my feet in my role, I want to carry on pushing myself to continue learning and growing, so that I can provide the best support possible to the team and to all of our clients, with their various exciting projects, from PR to events.

I would sum up my time so far at ThinkPR as fast paced, exciting, motivating, and inspiring and I am really looking forward to seeing what my future at ThinkPR holds for me!

For now, thank you for taking the time to read my blog and until the next edition I will sign off here…



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