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Unlocking New Marketing Opportunities through Client Collaboration

Teaming up with our client 3t, Managing Director Leigh-Ann immersed herself into her offshore training, completing the Basic Offshore Safety Induction and Emergency Training (BOSIET) course at 3t’s Aberdeen facilities, opening the door for personal development and exciting new marketing opportunities...

When it comes to marketing support, our team believes in pushing boundaries and embracing new challenges. As an energy-focused marketing firm, we support our clients with campaigns both on and offshore so when the opportunity arose to take part in the BOSIET course, our Managing Director Leigh-Ann was the ideal candidate. 

With an experienced marketing and PR career that spans more than 15 years, Leigh-Ann has consistently demonstrated her commitment to keeping her finger on the pulse of the energy industry. Leigh-Ann's knowledge and understanding of the industry have seen her deliver successful campaigns and communication support internally and externally for a diverse range of established industry names.     

Leigh-Ann embraced the chance to get in on the action first-hand. A long-time career ambition of Leigh-Ann's is to head offshore to expand her knowledge and experience first-hand a part of the industry that she has only ever written and talked about.     

The key to unlocking this new challenge was completing her BOSIET qualification, otherwise known as the ‘Offshore Survival’. By securing her BOSIET, the entry point for a career offshore, Leigh-Ann could then place herself in a position to continue to support clients but from an offshore perspective, gaining insight into offshore communication campaigns, facilitating on-site film projects, or supporting site visits.   

Collaborating with our client, 3t, the leading provider of high-impact training for safety-critical industries, Leigh-Ann was able to kickstart her journey. 

Diving In 

Jumping into the unknown can be a daunting experience for anyone, but this was a challenge that Leigh-Ann was ready to tackle head-on thanks to the support from 3t’s world-class facilities and experienced instructors and teachers.   

Undertaking the course at 3t’s training centre in Dyce, Aberdeen, over three days, Leigh-Ann dived into 3t’s OPTIO-approved learning outcomes and activities: Safety Induction; Sea Survival; Firefighting and Self-Rescue; and Helicopter Safety and Escape.   

From the initial classroom-based Safety Induction through to the Helicopter Safety and Escape, Leigh-Ann's attention and trust were held by 3t’s approach to training, offering what is known as a ‘Blended Learning’ approach that combines traditional classroom elements with practical scenarios. This approach is tailored to suit the diverse needs, personalities, and learning styles of the many delegates who participate in the training.   

Between swimming pools, tackling fires at the fire ground, and navigating an upturned helicopter module, the dynamic and diverse training delivered over the three days meant Leigh-Ann remained engaged and ready.  

By equipping delegates with the understanding, background, and knowledge of safety-critical environments through theoretical learning, Leigh-Ann approached the practical scenarios with confidence thanks to the training delivered in the classroom, optimising how she handled each scenario.  

An Environment to Thrive 

Just as vital to the overall experience as the quality of the training delivered was the feeling that Leigh-Ann was in a position and environment in which she felt comfortable in. Despite being in a traditionally male-dominated environment, Leigh-Ann didn't feel anxious alongside her delegates or within 3t’s facilities. Inclusivity was key throughout the experience and initial conversations and introductions with her fellow delegates and the trainers played a key part in this. The Aberdeen team, inclusive facilities at the training centre, and the safe space created helped ensure Leigh-Ann could focus solely on her training and leave any misconceptions at the door.    

The same was true of the other delegates alongside Leigh-Ann on the course. Although her motives differed from many of those on the course, there was no feeling of being an outsider. This was a credit to the ability and understanding of the instructors and her fellow delegates.   

Leigh-Ann's experience on the BOSIET course highlights our belief that marketing is about stepping out of our comfort zones, seizing opportunities, and continuously learning and growing to benefit the team and our clients.    

Priding ourselves on the track record of integrating into our clients, we feel that to deliver for clients, we must understand their reality and experiences.   

For the BOSIET course, this extended beyond Leigh-Ann and the new opportunities that having the certification to go offshore will bring to her career. For the rest of the team, there was an opportunity to watch and get involved in the action to enhance their understanding of the training 3t provides, the quality of the facilities, and the experience delivered to delegates. Seeing this first-hand has enhanced how we communicate not just with 3t as a client but on 3t’s behalf to its target audiences – many of whom could soon be participating in the BOSIET itself.   

A creative marketing opportunity that benefited all those involved, Leigh-Ann's participation in the BOSIET course marked a significant milestone for personal and team development.  

“As a female and a newcomer to offshore experiences, I really didn’t know how I was going to feel completing the course – I just knew it was something I have been interested in my whole career and was eager to complete.  As the only female on my course at the time and although my motives differed slightly to the rest on the course, I wasn’t treated any different and I found this invigorating to witness.

The course pushed my own boundaries of comfort, and it was physically exerting at times, but the feeling of accomplishment after the three days was exhilarating. Whenever I can get offshore, I will feel confident knowing that I've completed the very best training to do so and knowing that I'm more than capable of holding my own.”  

Leigh-Ann Rogie, Managing Director, ThinkPR 


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