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Viking Completion Technology Celebrate Successful 2023

Viking Completion Technology (Viking), the UAE-based well completion equipment design, manufacturing, and services company has announced the successful installation and support of more than 150 Middle East completion projects throughout 2023. With over 25 years of experience supporting the local and global energy markets, these projects further solidify the company’s presence in the region.  

In September last year, after a period of extensive planning, engineering, and testing, Viking successfully installed a single trip 7.000” x 4-1/2” Packer and Polished Bore Assembly system as the first in a series of trial wells in Saudi Arabia. Committed to delivering the highest standards efficiently and safely, Viking’s packers were certified to API 11D1 and API 19AC V0 at 10,000psi and 40-177°C.  

Following the success of the first trial, Viking embarked on a second trial, installing a patented EZR ESP Packer after the completion of a rigorous pre-qualification and validation testing process. As part of its aims for further growth in 2024, Viking is set to install an additional four further trial wells, each for unique applications that address technology and application gaps in the completions market. 

These most recent trials follow the completion of an Oman-based pilot project in collaboration with a major international operator in Q4 of 2022. Following the project's initial 12 months of production, it will soon be evaluated for full-field development. Strengthening Viking’s Oman presence, the pilot follows over a decade of successful completions within the region. This most recent pilot project included velocity string completions that were designed to be run through and set below the safety valve and comprised 7,500psi API 11D1 V0 and API 19AC V2-rated equipment. 

In line with its commitment to supporting a sustainable future, Viking will continue to diversify its portfolio with the supply of equipment for pilot wells in a Hydrogen Storage application in Europe. The well is due to be completed in the first quarter of this year with Viking providing a series of similar equipment, to suit a range of completion sizes, as part of a long-term strategy to support the energy transition. 

Discussing the success of recent projects and the completion of the first of the trials, Viking’s Managing Director Willie Morrison commented: “2024 is set to be an exciting period for Viking. Last year, we exported our technology to 16 different countries, across 6 continents; the technical depth of projects that we are delivering further strengthens our position in the Middle East whilst our capacity to deliver on a global scale, through our international client base, continues to develop. 

We are committed to delivering the highest standards of safety and efficiency to further advance the industry, so completing the first, and second, in a series of trial wells within Saudi Arabia has been a fantastic landmark to reach. Following a comprehensive planning and manufacturing process, the successful installations are a testament to our team’s commitment to delivering leading well completion solutions. We look forward to building on this throughout 2024.” 


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