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AI-Backed Pipeline Technology Firm Launches

Following investment by Charps LLC (Charps) and Sonomatic Limited (Sonomatic), the team behind a new pipeline integrity specialist is anticipating rapid growth in its first full operational year.   

Acquired from advanced leak detection company ProFlex Technologies (ProFlex), Houston-based PipeSense is the culmination of more than a century of combined experience in the selection, development, and deployment of integrity management technologies for onshore and offshore pipelines. Using advanced artificial intelligence (AI) analysis techniques, the integrity specialist provides individually tailored solutions to address pipeline operational challenges.    

Charps, a US-based pipeline construction and maintenance contractor, has invested in the management, deployment, and R&D of PipeSense, whilst non-destructive testing inspections and integrity specialist Sonomatic has invested in hardware development and software support. Each company is committed to supporting and facilitating PipeSense’s growth, collaborating directly in business development.


The acquisition from ProFlex and external investment has led PipeSense to the development of its leak detection technologies and a brand-new advanced cloud-based software system. Alongside its AI-based pipeline monitoring solutions for hydrotest leak location, real-time pig tracking, locating pre-existing pipeline leaks, and identifying the location of pipeline blockages. 

As part of its support of PipeSense, Charps will be utilizing its innovative technology for hydrotest monitoring and will also assist customers in improving their approach to pipeline monitoring.   

Transferring from his current position as President of ProFlex, Stuart Mitchell will lead PipeSense as President and CTO alongside the support of Charps CEO Joe Van Vynckt, who will combine his current role with his new position as CEO of PipeSense. Finalizing its senior leadership team, PipeSense has appointed Josh Holmes as VP of Sales and Scott Bauer as VP of Operations.     

PipeSense Vice President of Operations, Scott Bauer commented: “This investment is monumental for PipeSense and will provide us the springboard to make an impact across the industry. Following investment from Charps and Sonomatic, we will now embark on a period of continued investment into our technology – covering both hardware and software – to ensure we remain at the forefront of technological advancements and AI integration. I feel confident we have the knowledge, resources, and technology to enhance operational efficiency and provide operators peace of mind. 

Sonomatic General Manager Esteban Cesan reaffirmed his company's investment into PipeSense, saying: “We truly believe in what PipeSense is aiming to achieve and feel confident that through investment, the team there will develop the cutting-edge technologies and solutions to reimagine what is possible for pipeline integrity inspection and management. PipeSense’s commitment to adopting the latest technologies and software into its solutions offers incredible potential to separate its solutions from what is currently on the market. We anticipate an exciting future for PipeSense – Sonomatic is thrilled to be part of its journey.”  

Discussing his dual role between Charps and PipeSense, CEO Joe Van Vynckt commented: “Having had the experience of working alongside Stuart in developing PipeSense, I’m excited to continue collaborating and working together after the initial investment. Through my roles at Charps and PipeSense, both company's dedication to improving pipeline performance and monitoring are aligned. At Charps, we will continue to utilize the PipeSense technology on a series of hydrotest monitoring projects whilst we will look at the other applications in which the technologies can be used to improve pipeline operations. 


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