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A little marketing TLC?

Have you stopped to think about what your marketing is delivering for your business? Have you considered utilising an external marketing and PR resource but unsure on how this will fit in with your current marketing function? Perhaps you haven’t ever considered it because you just don’t know what benefits it could bring?

An external marketing support like ThinkPR works as an extension of your team - an extra resource that works closely in-line with your company objectives and goals. We work cohesively with your brand and messaging to enhance your marketing often allowing your existing marketing team (if you have one) time to focus on other areas of your vision and strategy.

Outsourcing your PR and marketing activities is a very cost-efficient way to boost your PR activities, whilst keeping your overhead costs under control. Using an outsourced resource will give you access to a devoted account manager and access to the wider team, all with extensive capabilities including branding, digital marketing, content creation and social media. As well as this it opens your business up to additional and flexible resources, the ability to build your media network, and access to our teams’ outstanding industry expertise and knowledge.

If you want to start the conversation around giving your marketing and PR some TLC get in touch.

But in the meantime, here are some benefits of what our team could bring to your business:

Access to media contacts: Quite simply, we have the right contacts and are a trusted source.

Trend Spotters: The marketing world is forever evolving, and we stay up to date with the latest trends ensuring that any opportunities go unmissed.

New perspectives and skills: we know how challenging it can be to look at a challenge or opportunity when you’re working ‘in it’. Outsourcing offers you new ways to innovate your marketing strategy from a different point of view.

Regular communication and support: Communication needs to be efficient - we are there 24/7 to support your business when you need it and collaborate with your team with your current process or we can establish a marketing strategy and plan for you.

Greater efficiency: We literally offer you more hours to your day, allowing your existing marketing resource to focus time and creativity on other aspects of your marketing strategy.

Cross pollination of ideas: working with clients across a range of sectors allows for cross pollination of ideas. We work in a range of industries that all have their own marketing challenges so we offer a fresh perspective for your business.


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